Royal Windsor Quay is an exclusive riverfront development of sixteen townhouses, duplexes, apartments and penthouses.

Because of the development’s exclusivity, the style and quality of the kitchens were considered to be two of the most important features of the homes by developers, Hadley Homes. The aim was to design kitchens that would make a statement and be the focal point of the spaces.

Says Jamee Kong, head of design at DesignSpaceLondon: The two townhouses and two penthouses were marketed as the most luxurious of the sixteen properties. A combination of Schiffini’s Cinqueterre and One collections were used with a black polished granite worktop. The all black scheme, in a variety of finishes, created a sophisticated and striking look that answered the design brief.

To create balance and to add interest, stainless steel appliances by Kuppersbusch were specified and single-piece stainless steel bridge-worktops by GEC Anderson were introduced in the two penthouses. The continuous stainless steel worktops, with deep edge profiles provide an important and bright focal-point to the penthouse kitchens.

This was the first project we had worked on for this particular client and as a result of the success, we have been commissioned to work on two further developments, with kitchen installations due to start in the second quarter of 2011.

GEC Anderson Managing Director, Martin Tye, comments “Use of high quality stainless steel in luxury kitchens provides a supremely practical yet, visually, stunning solution to worktop requirements and truly sets them apart in terms of form and function.”

The versatility and design freedom possible with GEC Anderson worktops makes them popular with designers and discerning users. For example, worktops can be produced in one piece and with edge profiles and sink bowl arrangements to meet exact user-requirements. Their unrivalled performance comes free.

The bright and reflective stainless steel worktop finish adds light and spaciousness to the kitchen interior, whether used alone or in combination with traditional materials, such as wood and stone.

View from the Thames U-shpaped stainless steel counter