The Bridge Professional Development Centre, in Bristol, is part of the Bridge Learning Campus (BLC) and provides support and training to a number of educational establishments in the area. Refreshments for staff and visitors are provided by means of a small kitchen, located near the reception area.

Some years ago, GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops were specified within the kitchen. Since this time, the kitchen has been in continuous use and has stood up very well against the general wear and tear expected in a busy area such as this. Alterations were recently required to change access and also some of the internal features of the kitchen. Unitary Engineering Services were responsible for making the alterations. In turn, they approached GEC Anderson who had supplied the original worktops. Two additional worktop sections were required and it was necessary to carefully match the existing detailing as well as the outline of the new walls. GEC Anderson surveyed, manufactured, delivered and installed the new worktops.

The result provides a great deal more worksurface area and storage space which should now provide the necessary facilities to meet demand for the foreseeable future. A neat and professional solution is always assured with stainless steel worktops.

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