GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops were included in a recent Cornwall kitchen refurbishment, designed and installed by George Robinson Kitchens who produce hand crafted, bespoke kitchens, near Penzance.

For homeowners, Mr. & Mrs. Bull, the choice of materials was pivotal to the design of their home kitchen, particularly, as their long-term plan is to use the space as a cookery school. Stainless steel was therefore a key element and was chosen not only for its visual properties and low lifetime cost but also for its ability to withstand heavy usage, to be heat resistant and to remain germ-free. From a visual perspective, the work surfaces make up a significant proportion of the colour and texture in the room.

In this Georgian property in Cornwall, the materials and textures chosen make for an eclectic yet functional space. The inherent durability and unsurpassed hygienic properties of the brushed stainless steel elements from GEC Anderson will make it perform extremely well as a professional kitchen. The Tulip wood and Oak wood with its different painted finishes together with the white Silestone quartz top on the central island top provides a striking contrast to the stainless steel in one corner, giving a light and pleasant, contemporary, feel.

The L-shaped brushed satin stainless steel worktop and integral sink is made to measure and benefits from being manufactured in one continuous piece thus maximising the use of space in the corner in which it is situated. Furthermore, with no joins at the sink bowl, edges and upstands, the surface remains germ free as well as being free of visual clutter and noise. One side of the L-shape includes a generously sized (500x400mm) single bowl and draining area, whilst the other, provides useful and practical work surface. A 100mm high, integral, back upstand was also specified, providing a neat, practical and watertight junction to walls.

Owner Dr Matt Bull says, “My wife and I liked the toughness of the stainless steel and the fact that it can take hot and cold, doesn’t stain, reflects light and provides an hygienic surface that is easy to clean. Stainless steel also gains character as it ages, where many surfaces will deteriorate, so that’s a real bonus.”

He added, “We struggled to find anyone locally who could manufacture the stainless steel elements of the kitchen to a sufficiently high standard. The neatness of the welding and the configuration of the shape, drainer recess etc. were key to what GEC Anderson could offer.”
GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops are supplied fully sound deadened, plastic protected

Sloped recess around sink bowl. 50mm edge profiles.